Flight Instruction


With a professional Redtail Air flight instructor

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Redtail Jet Center Flight Instruction Learn to Fly a Plane

Requirements for your private pilots certificate

  • •  40 hours minimum flight time
  • •  20 hours with a certified flight instructor
  • •  10 hours solo flying time
  • •  20 hours ground instruction
  • •  Must be at least 17 years of age to get pilots license
  • •  Receive a medical exam certificate
  • •  Complete & pass a written private pilot test
  • •  Pass check ride with A FAA certified check airman

Flight Instruction Rates

All costs are hourly and include fuel for the aircraft

FLIGHT TIME Per hour rate
Cessna 172 (basic) aircraft rental $155/ per hour
Cessna 172 (basic) with instructor $230/ per hour
Ground instruction with instructor $65/ per hour
Cessna 172 (glass panel) aircraft rental $190/ per hour
Cessna 172 (glass panel) aircraft rental with instructor $240/ per hour

Ready to Fly?

Pilots at Redtail Air Flight Instruction School
Redtail flight instructor

Jackson Zoellner


What to Expect from Flight Instruction

You will fly with your instructor starting with a minimum of one hour per lesson

These lessons will be once a day, once a week, or when you can fit them in.

Students who fit their lessons into a busy schedule can typically get their private pilot certificate within a year.

After you've received all the necessary flight training and your instructor thinks you are ready, you will begin flying solo. Some pilots solot between 15 and 30 hours.

At the end of that flight you will be issued a student pilot certificate;

your flight training will continue both with your instructor & solo as you work towards the minimum of 40 flight hours.

Next you will prepare for a written exam either by attending Redtail Air ground instruction or learning through self paced coursework, either online or in book form.

When your instructor feels you are ready, he/she will recommend you for a flight test given by an FAA certified check airman.

Upon completion of this 1 to 2 hour check flight, you will be a licensed private pilot; a privilege you will have for a lifetime.

Common Questions About Flight Instruction

You must be 16 years of age to be issued a student pilot certificate and 17 years of age to be issued a private pilots certificate. There is no upper age limit to become a pilot.

If you are a first time pilot you are required to have a medical examination by a certified aviation physician.

Getting your private pilot’s certificate is a necessary first step for all pilots unless you go through military flight training. As you build hours, you can add a commercial pilot certificate, an instrument rating and often a flight instructor license. Typically the airlines require 1,500 hours of flight time to be considered as a first officer or pilot.

GPS has greatly simplified the task of navigating from one location to another by air. For the most part, you have the freedom to go from your home base to a destination in a straight line (Direct to). Today’s aviation GPS units, either installed in the aircraft or portable, have excellent graphics and maps built in.

As a student pilot you are not licensed to carry passengers. Once you have your private pilot certificate you can carry passengers with you.

Your license is good for life. Every two years, you will take a flight review with an instructor of your choice. It is not a pass/fail exam but rather a refresher which you will find valuable in maintaining your piloting skills.

Flying is a skill that can be continuously perfected over a lifetime. You can add a commercial pilot rating, a rating to fly on instruments, a license to fly multi engine airplanes, a license to fly sea planes, and on and on.