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Be sure that your plane is ready for your next cross-country or family trip

Make an informed choice on your next aircraft purchase

Bring us your corrosion or accident damage so you can get back in the sky

Find a paint scheme that fits your plane perfectly

Ground-looped? We’ll fix it and add those custom mods you’ve dreamed of

Side panels, seats, and headliners in custom colors

Wings and fuselage; we’ve got you covered

As an important part of aviation safety, have your plane inspected by a detail oriented mechanic to ensure that your plane is always ready when you are. A good annual inspection should include log book research to make sure all AD’s have been complied with, a detailed look inside all panels.

What is a pre-buy inspection?

A thorough inspection of the aircraft’s condition and the log-books to give you detailed information about all dependencies and airworthiness items.

Why have a pre-buy inspection?

Feel confident that you’re getting what you paid for. In the past we have saved people thousands of dollars in expensive repairs because they knew the condition of the aircraft before purchasing. It will also provide the following:

  • •  Bargaining power
  • •  Help you decide if the airplane is right for you
  • •  An unbiased party gives you a realistic picture of the aircraft’s condition
  • •  Rough estimates on repairs needed
  • •  Can also double as an annual inspection so, if you decide to purchase, it has a fresh annual.

Heavy structural repair can include anything from accident damage, corrosion, and even metal fatigue as the general aviation fleet ages. You need mechanics with good judgement and great training to help you get your airplane back in flying condition while minimizing down time and expense.

If you’re aircraft has been exposed to high humidity a corrosion inspection is a must. If corrosion is there it will effect the structural integrity of your aircraft.

Touch ups or full paint jobs, we can help.

Ground looped? Don’t panic, we can set your wing back to the right twist with our Cessna wing jig.

As the Cessna fleet ages it is becoming more apparent that there are service bulletins and other repairs that are needed to keep these fan-favorites in the air.

With Cessna being  the #1 choice of many back country pilots, their aircraft get a lot of hard use. If you’re one of these lucky owners it might be time to consider a few upgrades to keep your aircraft performing at its full potential.

  • •  SID inspections
  • •  STOL kits
  • •  Float kits
  • •  Big-wheel modification
  • •  Bigger engine
  • •  Range extending tanks

Sometimes the inside of your plane needs a make-over – new headliners, new carpets, re-padded seats, or new molding pieces. We can make your airplane look like new.

We can patch holes or complete a full restoration job.